The Republicrat

I have been debating whether or not to post this for months now, and now that the election is over, I am going to brave it. It has nothing to do with coaching or making your life better. Perhaps it's my own selfishness of just wanting to get it off my chest.

Since I was 18 years old I have been a registered Republican. I don't remember my own parents being politically charged in any way as I was growing up, but growing up in the 80's, I was a product of the Reagan years. When I met my first husband, his family was very conservative which encouraged my values and beliefs. When I went started classes at Cal State San Marcos I proudly became a member of the CSUSM College Republicans. But as the years passed I started to realize that not all of my beliefs were congruent with the GOP. But then again, a lot of them did. I felt like I was in a tug-o-war and I wanted no part of it. As if I had identified myself wholeheartedly with a group, and then got lost. Then 9/11 happened and I wore the nametag "Republican" proudly once again. Two years later when we went to war, I started to see which side of the fence my friends stood on, and a lot of them weren't on my side. I didn't back down from my beliefs. I can honestly say that at that time I was not influenced by anyone else than myself. However after getting into two different arguments with two different friends about politics, I decided I couldn't have the conversation anymore. It's not worth damaging a friendship over.

But election time came up and to be honest, I was happy to see it happen because let's face it; I don't think GWB is getting any awards for being America's greatest president. But for the first time in my adult life I was actually quiet about my beliefs and who I was voting for. Why? Did the tug-o-war finally get to me? Was I begrudgingly trading in my College Republican t-shirt for an Obama hat?

In a metaphorical sense, I feel like a little girl, standing in between her fighting, divorced parents that despise each other. I love both, and I believe in both, but I don't like some of the things both are doing. But I am forced to choose. And either way, I lose.

I love my country. I am grateful that I was born here and I have more opportunities than most of the world can even dream of. I love that my children have those same things. I am happy to see we have an African-American president, it will show my children tolerance and that anything is possible and that we are one step closer to seeing a woman as president. But I am still lost in this Democrat/Republican battle and quite honestly, I don't quite understand why some people will not even listen to other people's beliefs. I think as long as we have 2 parties, we will be a nation divided.


Steven said...

Well, without getting into it too much i totally agree. It seems some people... on either side, just can't have a discussion without getting nasty. Politically, there are very few people who fit 100% party line. The key to me is to find your value system, the issues you feel strongly about and put them in order of importance to you. Then do your research and "try" to understand how each person thinks, acts and has done on those issues. ofcourse, its tough because politicians are politicians, but understanding how someone thinks and how they would vote (supreme court justices, etc) can affect almost every value we have. I think its important to be involved in the system. It angers me to no end when people have strong beliefs but dont vote. So hwo do they have the gaul to even argue when its so easy to express yourself through the vote. I think people in this country just dont remember how lucky we are to live in this kind of society. One of very few with our level of freedom and liberty. I would love for our society to be totally educated and researched when it comes to politics, but somehow i think the percentage of people who are educated about the people they vote for is very low and thats sad. Anywho, I did too lose some friends this election, but its only because I have the ability to speak about what I believe in, and the other side just doesnt want to listen. Anytime you have absolutes, where if you believe something youre something else its not good, and there was a whole lot of that going on this election. Either way anyone voted I truly hope Obama can get the job done. Please stop talking and get it done. My stocks are killing me and I need the market to improve so states will lift hiring freezes. I picked the wrong time to get my MS. Luckily though, like when i graduated with my BA I should be able to refinance my student loans for a low rate... Please Please Please....