Miley Cyrus at the Teen Choice Awards


I recently read an article about Miley Cyrus' "pretend pole dancing" at the Teen Choice Awards. Miley is 16 years old. I finally saw the video of the performance and although it wasn't as bad as I originally thought, but as a mother, I definitely raised an eyebrow.

This story made me think back to when I was a teenage girl growing up in suburbia. I had my first french kiss the summer before I started high school, so I must have been 14. I waited that long because I simply did not feel comfortable doing it before that. Ironically, the boyfriend I had at the time ended up breaking up with me because that's as far as I would go with him. I remember being 15 and 16 being the ages that the hormones really kicked into high gear. I believe I can speak for most girls when I say this is the time that we go bonkers in the boy-crazy department. Some are in tune to the attention they can get from boys, some are not (I wasn't). Some love the attention and seek it out to no end where as others, like myself wait a few years and then finally realize "the power". So, that being said, I suppose Miley is just doing what comes naturally to herself and along side her is her management team with their tongues wagging, nodding in agreement.

I thought about it more and really had to decide if this bothers me. As a woman, not so much, but as a mother, yes. I remember years ago, before I had kids and the whole Janet, "Miss Jackson if you're nasty" Superbowl incident happened. I saw it live and didn't think it was a big deal. So what? A boob. But now as a mom, and although I have years before I will have an impressionable young daughter (she's still in the womb as I type this), I would be peeved with Janet for this.

I never thought I would say this but here it is: When I was young--things were different. And I'm not that old. In the mid-80's our version of Miley Cyrus was Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. We had the Saved by the Bell girls, Alyssa Milano and Kids Incorporated. When they were 16, they kept their clothes on, didn't pole dance and to my knowledge, weren't hyper-sexual. What happened so quickly to change all of this?

Is this just how it's supposed to evolve? I had a friend (a guy) tell me to "lighten up" about Miley. I just feel that if we lighten up so much...what's next?


Nate St. Pierre said...

Gotta agree - it bothered me a bit, too. I mean, why? Why do something like that? Do normal 16-year-old girls do a "pretend" pole dance in front of everybody?

I mean, it wasn't horrible, it was just . . . very unnecessary and weird.

Julie Parker said...

That really is the operative question here Andrea - 'What next?' There surely can only be so far we can go before little girls are no longer seen as that - little girls.

We jump up and down about practices such as child marriages or prostituion in third world countries (as we should) and I'm not suggesting that's where we are heading, but again I come back to your question of "What's next?" It sure is a good one to ponder.

Andrea said...

@Nate- In my opinion, it seems pole dancing has become somewhat of a symbol of sexiness, accepted by everyone. I suppose if it's in gyms used as a workout, then it's okay for 16 year olds to do it too. I think it needs to stay in the strip clubs.

@Julie- I agree with your comment. The more mainstream this all becomes....I think the world is in trouble.