I don't have any money either, so let's donate our shoes to Haiti

While on Twitter the other day something caught my eye. It was "Soles4Souls" and organization that is gathering shoes to send to the needy people of Haiti who have been victimized by such a catastrophic earthquake. Watch the short video on the home page and your heart will tell you it's time to help.

I don't have a lot of money, so I donate my time to things I am passionate about. This organization is collecting shoes, used or new, to send to the people of Haiti that don't have the luxury of owning shoes. These people are walking through all the rubble and debris barefoot. I'll provide the link again,to find a drop off location click here.

Many of you are in the San Diego area and a central location is Shoe Metro, located at 8960 Carroll Way, 92121. There are also 2 locations in Pacific Beach and one downtown. I spoke with a customer service representative and she told me there is a bin for drop offs. It's that easy. Really, I know you have decent shoes laying around that you don't wear. Get them out, clean them off and drop them off. And then tell someone about this or other charities.

Don't forget kids shoes. Our kids grow out of their shoes so fast and the children of Haiti are in need too!