Readers: What do YOU want?

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to write. She started a blog, and much to her surprise and gratitude, people started reading it.

Then one day she realized what she wanted to be when she grew up, helping women love themselves, but needed the people's help to get it right.

Obviously, that girl is yours truly. Very soon I will be moving this little blog over to a website and starting my coaching business. But, before I do that, I need to hear from YOU, my readers, or anyone you might know that can help me.

I'm looking for women 30-50 years old who might have issues with their self esteem and/or body image. Perfectionism is a biggie too. I'm doing some market research and that's it. Just a short little survey. I'm not trying to sell you anything, I promise! Except my husband's mountain bike, but that's another story for another time. So, if you think you can help, please either leave a comment here with your contact info, or email me at andreafry75 [at] hotmail [dot] com. I'd be eternally grateful.


I'd like to know what you want me to write about. What do you like, what makes you read a particular post? I love writing and love feedback as well. So, let me hear your beautiful voices!

Oh, and thanks.


Anonymous said...

I adore, love, and support you completely!!!! I hope our careers and lives wil intersect forever :) xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

Jenny B said...

I just love when you share your personal stories, rants against evil ads, personal updates - any and all of it! And let me know if you want me to take the survey...I think I fit very well with your description even though I'm not over 30 :)


Andrea said...

@kendra- Your comments make my day, really. Between changing diapers, cleaning up other messes and things like that, your messages are awesome :)

@Jenny- Thanks girl! I'll email you directly!

Anonymous said...

For me, I like reading about life lessons, but not in the Full House cheesy clich├ęd sort of way. (Not that I have read anything remotely cheesy since I became a follower, I'm just making a statement). I like to be able to take a look at my own life and see if what someone has learned can help me in any way. Which since I became a follower, I have taken something away from several of your posts.

Also, I fit your criteria aside from the age range - my age never has been able to keep up with my mind. If you end up needing an extra person to survey, I'd be willing to take it for you.

Devyn said...

I love reading your writings no matter what they are. I love it when you write on things you had to overcome and love just hearing about you cause i know it gives me someone to relate to and look up to.

Dreaming again said...

I'm a 45 year old who is really struggling with letting go of perfectionism .. have had self esteem issues and body image is a huge problem ...

(Peggikaye is my name)

Andrea said...

@Lindsey- thanks for the comment. And I hope I don't write anything cheesy. If I do, I preface it with, "this might be cheesy, but..." I think that's fair enough!

@Devyn- Your comment hit my right in the heart. A good kinda hit :)

@Peggikaye- thanks for commenting and taking the survey!