What's Happening?!

Hooray!!! So many things are happening on my end, so I thought I would update my 2 readers (mom and dad).

I've been writing this blog for about almost 2 years now. I had no idea where it was going back then, I just knew I loved to write, needed an outlet for all the things I needed to say and  knew I would eventually have a blog when I started my coaching business. So, almost 2 years later, my coaching business is being born.

Your Kick Ass Life is almost here! I struggled with the name, and my gremlin said, "You CANNOT have the word 'ass' in your business name!" So, I thought about it, got some advice from my most trusted coach friends and basically came to the conclusion that if someone is offended by the word "ass", they probably don't want to be my friend. And by all means, I'm okay with that. "Live Your Ideal Life" was good while it lasted, but it's really not "me". Many, many years ago I started saying, "Life's too short for it not kick ass", and well, it just stuck. I hope you like it!!!!

Also, I have a new Facebook page, (many thanks to Kristina Chartier for the amazing photography), and I really hope you'll join me there. I'll post inspirational things, and I promise not to be a spammer.

My heart and soul are going into this. It might sound crazy, but this is almost as exciting as the birth of my children. It's more than amazing to know I was put on this earth to make a difference and inspire others to do the same. To find their true calling, whatever it may be for each individual person.

So, stay tuned for my new website (yourkickasslife.com), hopefully within the next month or 2 (*shrieking*). And thanks for reading, supporting, or even if you don't like me, I'm glad I have at least conjured up a feeling in you. It makes me proud ;)



Goddess Lacey said...

I think its a brilliant idea!! I look forward to what is to come! Maybe I'll find the inspiration I need to figure out my exact path. Love the name!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the name gives it an edge. An approach that means you're willing to help a person better his or her lives entirely and well, make it Kick Ass! Good job, Andrea! :)

karen pery said...

Yay, yay, yay!!! You kick ass! xoxo

From Tracie said...

I love the name!
"Liking" you on facebook!

Here's to kicking some ass...and loving life!

Stassja said...

Woohoo! I am so excited for you! And I love the name. :D


Brilliant idea!
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Laura said...

Andrea! I know you wrote this post a while ago, but I was just perusing your site again and found it. I wanted to let you know that one of my best friends tried for a really long time to rationalize away the business name that was *demanding* to be born...but ultimately, she had to because it wouldn't stop harassing her from the inside out! And, "Unleash Your Inner Badass" was born! So, yes, you can have "ass" in your biz name, and the people who find you there will SO GET IT. And the rest? The ones who get turned off? Bah. Simply put, they're just not your peeps! (I know you know all this, but maybe today's a good day for some confirmation of what you already know.) :)

You rock, woman! Thank you for being so real here, for letting it all hang out. People need transparent coaches so they can see what it's like to live, struggle, fly, dig in, explore, learn, stumble, recover, learn some more, and through it all, point and teach and guide and shine lights where there may not have been any before. You're doing that brilliantly.

YAY YOU! :) Looking forward to connecting soon!