I am anti-yoga

Today I popped in the 4th of 12 videos from a new workout program I am doing and it was a Yoga workout. I have done Yoga before and although I think it's a great workout and admire those that do it, I have never been a big fan. It's slow and boring. I can't concentrate and I have come to the conclusion that I am mentally unable to meditate. As much as I would love to, I just can't. Give me 2 Tylenol PM and 3 glasses of wine and I might be able to...but other than that I just can't.

So, the video was 90 minutes long. I knew right when I saw how long it was that this was going to be a struggle. I made it a half an hour before I pressed stop and found something better to do.

Are some people just wired NOT to be able to do things like that? I mean 90 minutes, are you kidding me? Maybe I have adult onset ADD or something, but that's just ridiculous! The whole thirty minutes my mind was spinning, "My hands are sweating. I wonder if the people in the video are as bored as I am? This pose makes my head hurt because my ponytail is too heavy. Maybe I should get a haircut. Am I ready for short hair? Is today Saturday or Sunday? Should we get a dog?" and on and on.

Well, like I always say, It is what it is!