Peaks and Valleys

I think we all remember little things our parents used to say to us when we were kids. I don't mean the "you'll get your mouth washed out with soap" lines, but the positive things. My dad always used to say "peaks and valleys" whenever something bad would happen. I never understood it until I got older what exactly he meant, but it's such a simple verse that says so much.

Lately I have been so looking forward to my future. My marriage, my family, my career and my own personal growth. Then something happens that can make all of that seem like it sits so far into the future, sitting in a dry desert with sad faces looking back at me. But I shrug my shoulders and say, "peaks and valleys". And let me tell you, have I seen some valleys!! But the peaks are so much more beautiful and I can always look forward to seeing one when I am down in the valley.